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Erskine Medical is a leading innovator and developer of safety devices for all needle-based medical devices such as syringes, IV catheters, blood collection devices, Huber needles and spinal needles.

Erskine Medical’s founder, Timothy Erskine, is a leading expert on medical safety devices. He is an inventor on 68 US patents. He designed and implemented BD's Insyte AutoGuard®, the top selling and most profitable IV safety catheter in the US.

Erskine’s patented and patent-pending Counterpoint™ technology is the most advanced and cost-effective solution to needle shielding. It provides reliable and secure shielding with minimal parts count and simple manufacturing processes.

The Counterpoint™ technology has been exclusively licensed to a leading multi-national medical device company for certain applications. Other applications are still available for licensing, including syringes, blood collection devices and Huber needles.

Along with the basic patents, Erskine Medical offers a full consulting, engineering and design service to ensure that products will reach the market in the shortest possible time.

Please contact us if you would like more information about the elegant and effective needle safety technologies we have to offer. For more information on our patented and patent-pending designs, please visit our Designs page, where you can view images and link to some of our Counterpoint™ patents. For more Erskine Medical's founders, please visit our background page.

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